In need of a washing machine and refrigerator for a single mother with 2 children...Thank you
My mom is on disability and only gets so much money a month to live on because she isn't able to work. Her dryer went out and I am trying to find her a replacement. I can come pick it up and deliver it to her. I am in Paulding County and my mother lives in Acworth.
I m looking for old dolls to use for Halloween. Broken or dirty is great. Thank you
Hope all is well...My sister is in dire need of a washing machine to wash her childs clothing...If anyone possible know of one it would be greatly appreciated!
Just a regular table.. do not care of condition just cant be broken
I am looking for small to medium maternity clothes in good condition. Thanks!
I am looking for a pet stroller that you might have and no longer want. I have a cockatoo that I would love to be able to take out on a stroll with me sometimes. Thank you in advance.
Looking for a metal 55 gallon barrel to use as a burn barrel.
Just a regular table.. do not care of condition just cant be broken
wanted: a BIRD Bath Moved to a new rental house & have lots of birds ~ just need a bird bath for them to play in :)
I m looking for dolls that someone may be wanting to get rid of. They could be broken or not. I am trying to make a Halloween craft Thanks in advance
I was looking for good condition instrument I could play. We could meet up in downtown Cartersville. Thank you.
I'm looking for matching (or at least the same height) nightstands with at least one drawer in them.
Interested in light weight patio furniture as I have to carry up 3 flights of stairs. Thank you in advance.
In desperate need of a canopy or a cooler for my 3-day camping Festival this weekend in Atlanta. I have run very low on funds and would appreciate that. Even if I just borrow it and return it that would work just as well thank you in advance
My boyfriend and his son has lost absolutely everything in a house fire todat. I'm not sure how this works but feel really bad for them. Him and his son only have the clothes on them. His som is just 3 and doesn't even have a pair of shoes anymore. Next week when I get payed I'm going to go thrift shopping for the both of them, but untill I get the funds to do that I was going to see if anyone ...
Just left a terrible marriage and lost everything. I am a mother of three, my two older kids are out of the home I have a new grandbaby . My youngest is a six year old son who lives with me full time we we are in the process of trying to find a home or an apartment that I can afford... The last two years of been quite trying diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and divorced n 20 16 and I still haven't...
18-2t and 6 to 12 months size clothes for girls
In need of queen size bed
In desperate need of a canopy / gazebo and or a cooler because I am going to a 3-day camping Festival this weekend and I have no extra money please if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Even if I just borrow it and return it after the festival that would work to thank you in advance
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